Name: Lancelot
Author: VNIIViV im. Potapenko
Ripening time: medium-late
Bunch weight: 1200-2500 g
Berry weight: 12-16 g
Taste: harmonious
Frost resistance: -24
Seedling price: —
Cutting price: 20 UAH

By right, the record holder in my vineyard in terms of yield. In the second year of the bush's life, more than 10 kg of berries were harvested; for the 3rd growing season, the bush pulled out 29 kg! No other variety is capable of this (I’m talking purely about my site). The power of growth is very great. Clusters 1.5-2 kg, the maximum I cut was more than 4 kg. The berry is large, crispy, harmonious taste. Frost resistance is increased. It has high disease resistance. A rare form that concentrates so many benefits. I recommend!

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