Lilith seedless

Name: Lilith seedless (Red Finger)
Author: Israel
Ripening time: under study
Bunch weight: 700-1000 g
Berry weight: 6-9 g
Taste: harmonious
Frost resistance: under study
Seedling price: 400 UAH
Cutting price: 200 UAH

New Israeli sultana Lilith (also distributed under the name Red Finger). The growth force is great. The vines are thick, similar to Century raisins. Pollination is even, without peas.
Plants 2 inflorescences per shoot. Recommended pruning is medium to long. The bunch is folded without excess density, weighing 700-1000 g. The berry is elongated, red, weighing 6-9 g. Very large sultana. The seedless class is the first. The taste has rich harmony and meaty-crispy flesh. Resistant to cracking.

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