Sweet world seedless

Name: Sweet world seedless
Author: USA
Ripening time: medium
Bunch weight: 600-900 g
Berry weight: 12-14 g
Taste: harmonious
Frost resistance: -23
Seedling price: —
Cutting price: 1500 UAH

A new seedless from America with great prospects. Productivity is high and stable. Produces inflorescences from the first buds. It forms 2-3 inflorescences on the shoot. With a set of perennial wood, you can leave 2 clusters on the vine.
Pollination is even and one-dimensional. The ripening period for the first fruiting is average, approximately on the same level as Ratatouille (ripened earlier than Ararat). Resistant to cracking. The growth force is great.
The bunch is beautifully made, weighing 600-1000g. The berry is very impressive in size, weighing 9-12 g or more. The largest berries reached 15 g. Seedless class - first.
Special attention should be paid to taste. Sweet world, unlike other raisins, has not just a harmonious, but a rich taste. The pulp is Basanti type, very crispy and dense. The taste has an interesting harmony with varietal tones. Americans distinguish Sweet World as one of six varieties with high taste qualities suitable for industrial plantings.
Captivates with high marketability, beautiful yellow color and size + rich taste. The vine ripens early and to its full length. Does not require the use of stimulants and growth hormones. I think Sweet World will spread very quickly and widely throughout Ukraine and beyond.

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