Pristine seedless

Name: Pristine seedless
Author: USA
Ripening time: under study
Bunch weight: 700-1000 g
Berry weight: 5-7 g
Taste: harmonious
Frost resistance: -23
Seedling price: —
Cutting price: 1000 UAH

New sultana from America. It has great growth vigor and high stable yield. Plants 2-3 inflorescences per shoot from the first buds.
The flower is bisexual. A conical bunch weighing 700-1000 g. An oval berry weighing 5-7 g, shaped like Lоra. In terms of taste, Americans say: “green apple.” The pulp is crispy, harmonious in taste and has a high grade of seedlessness.
Seedless is resistant to cracking during rains. Frost resistance - 23 degrees.

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