Pandora seedless

Name: Pandora seedless
Author: USA
Ripening time: under study
Bunch weight: 700-1200 g
Berry weight: 15-20 g
Taste: harmonious
Frost resistance: under study
Seedling price: —
Cutting price: 2000 UAH

Pandora is by far the largest seedless in the world!
It has great growth vigor and stable yield. Plants 2-3 inflorescences per shoot. Pea berries are completely absent. It is ripe on September 25, but in a normal year it will be ready a little earlier.
Bunch 700-1200 g. At the first fruiting (2023), the largest bunch was 1.3 kg, but with a set of perennial wood, the condition will increase further. The berry is a giant, weighing 15-20 g or more! The pulp is dense, crispy and has a harmonious varietal taste. The berries adhere very tightly to the stalk. Suitable for transportation and long-term storage. Completely resistant to cracking.
The seedlessness class for a 20-gram berry is the highest! It's hard to believe, but Pandora is capable of producing such parameters without any hormones or growth stimulants. Many large-fruited table forms do not look so impressive against its background)
I consider Pandora's box open, because surpassing it will be an extremely difficult task for breeders.

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