Carlita seedless

Name: Carlita seedless
Author: USA
Ripening time: under study, pre-intermediate (130-135 days)
Bunch weight: 700-1000 g
Berry weight: 7-10 g
Taste: harmonious
Frost resistance: under study
Seedling price: —
Cutting price: 1500 UAH

A welcome new product from America. A promising new sultana with high marketability and seedless class.
The ripening period is at the level of Ararat, tentatively 130-135 days. The growth vigor of self-rooted plantings is high. Pollination is even, without peas. The yield is stable, it produces 2-3 inflorescences per shoot. Absolutely resistant to cracking.
The bunch is very beautifully built, weighing 700-1000 g, perhaps with a set of perennial wood the bunch will become larger. The berry is more elongated than that of the Nutcracker, red-burgundy in color, weighing 7-10 g. High class of seedlessness. The flesh is dense and crispy. There is varietal harmony in the taste. The vine ripens early and to its full length. I think Carlita will be perfectly stored on bushes and cut. Has high transportability.
The variety is undergoing further testing, but its potential is already visible.

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