Javelin seedless

Name: Javelin seedless
Author: USA
Ripening time: very early
Bunch weight: 800-1100 g
Berry weight: 8-10 g
Taste: harmonious
Frost resistance: under study
Seedling price: —
Cutting price: 1500 UAH

Finally, we have waited for high-quality sultanas of very early ripening. Javelin marked the beginning of new sultanas from America, which are ready for late July - early August. He matured in 2023 at the same level as Tzimus.
The variety is high-yielding, it produces 2 inflorescences per shoot (we will try pruning into horns). Pollinated evenly, all the berries are as chosen.
The bunch is 800-1100 g, very beautifully made. The berry is elongated, rich yellow in color, weighing 7-10 g. The taste of the variety has rich harmony and high sugar. The flesh is fleshy with a slight crunch. Javelin has a high seedless grade and is completely resistant to cracking. The berry can hang on the bushes for a long time without losing its presentation.
It is of interest above all because of its extremely early ripening period + has high marketability, seedless class and taste. I recommend it for planting in summer cottages and industrial plantings.

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