In memory of Smolnikov x Bazhena
Author: Panchenko R. R.
Ripening time: early-medium
Bunch weight: 700-1100 g
Berry weight: 14-16 g
Taste: harmonious
Frost resistance: -23
Seedling price: 1600 UAH
Cutting price: 800 UAH

The first fruiting of the seedling in 2022. Back in May, this seedling stood out from the rest. Great strength of growth. The yield is high, it lays 2 inflorescences per shoot. The flower is bisexual, pollination is even without peas. Ripening period is early-medium.
The cluster is not dense, very spectacular, in structure it resembles Bazhen. The mass of a bunch for the first fruiting is 600-1000g. The berry is elongated, very beautiful, more than 5 cm. The color is yellow, market. I conditionally call the seedling 37/4 - "Golden Oscar".
The pulp is fleshy. Harmonious taste. The vine ripens early and to its full length. In 2023, I will be vaccinated on different rootstocks to test the ability to pull the load of the crop and withstand weather disasters. Form shows great promise, looking forward to harvest 2023.
Season 2023:
One of the most attractive seedlings in terms of marketability. The berry is large, slightly crescent-shaped, and resembles Dubovsky pink in shape. It ripened on August 20 and hung on the bushes for about 40 days without losing its appearance. Pollination is even. The taste has harmony and meaty-crispy flesh. The berry on the seedling is 5 cm or more, weighing 14-17 g. The rain test in 2023 was successful. The external characteristics are very high, the berry attracts attention. Vaccinations made “black to green” showed bunches of about 1 kg.