Name: In memory of Smolnikov x Slavuta
Author: Panchenko R. R.
Ripening time: early
Bunch weight: 1700-3000 g
Berry weight: 8-9 g
Taste: harmonious
Frost resistance: -23
Seedling price: 300 UAH
Cutting price: 150 UAH

My attempt to improve Slavuta and correct its shortcomings. Seedling 58/3 has much greater growth vigor, which has a positive effect on the ability to bear the load of the crop. The yield is stunning, each shoot produces 3 huge inflorescences and necessarily requires rationing in clusters. The flower is bisexual. The yellow berry is closer to the fleshy consistency of the pulp. Tastes like Laura. The clusters are very large, up to 3 kg per seedling. Also 58/3 has 2-3 degrees higher frost resistance. Sugar accumulation is high. We are conducting further tests.

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