Name: 4-76
Author: Opryshko N.V.
Ripening time: early-medium
Bunch weight: 600-1100 g
Berry weight: tested
Taste: harmonious
Frost resistance: tested
Seedling price: 500 UAH
Cutting price: 250 UAH

A new form of selection Oprishko N.V. The grapes were bred on the basis of Rizamat, from which they inherited beautiful red berries, high taste and size indicators.
The form has great growth vigor and high productivity. The flower is female, but is pollinated exclusively, without a single pea. A bunch weighing 600-1100 g. The berry is red in color, with a rich, harmonious taste. 4-76 is resistant to cracking and is not afraid of any precipitation. I am making further observations.

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