Name: Talisman x Coral
Author: Panchenko R. R.
Ripening time: very early
Bunch weight: 700-1300 g
Berry weight: 7-12 g
Taste: light floral nutmeg
Frost resistance: -23
Seedling price: not for sale
Handle price: not for sale

The form was selected in 2020 as promising. High yield (lays 3 large inflorescences per seedling). The ripening period is very early. Interesting taste, there is a peculiar floral aftertaste. Undergoing further testing.
In 2021, the form conquered with yields already on vaccinations made in early June (black to green). From 3 vaccinations I cut 11 bunches, a whole box! Fruitfulness stunning. Interesting taste and very early ripening. Looking forward to full fruition in 2022.

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