Name: Talisman x Bazhena
Author: Panchenko R. R.
Ripening time: early
Bunch weight: 600-1000
Berry weight: tested
Taste: harmonious
Frost resistance: -23
Seedling price: not for sale
Handle price: not for sale

The form was singled out in 2020 due to its rich yellow coloration. It has a pleasant harmonious taste (similar to Bazhena). Crack resistant.
In 2021, I saw bunches on grafts in various variations with a rootstock. A bunch of about 700-900. The berry is large, yellow. The crack held up perfectly. The shape of the berry varied depending on the rootstock from oval to obovate and elongated. The pulp is dense, with a crunch. We look forward to a full load in 2022.

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