Name: Syndicate x Everest
Author: Panchenko R. R.
Ripening time: early
Bunch weight: 600-1000 g
Berry weight: 16-20 g
Taste: harmonious
Frost resistance: -22
Seedling price: 800 UAH
Cutting price: 400 UAH

One of the most promising seedlings in my vineyard. Showed a number of commercial qualities and ease of care.
The power of growth is great. The yield is high and stable (lays 2 inflorescences + produces clusters on stepchildren). The flower is bisexual, for 2 years there was no fruiting of peas. Resistant to crack. The berry is very large 16-20 g or more, rounded. Yellow color. The pulp is fleshy with a slight crunch. The taste is harmonious. Cracking of berries was not found (checked in detail by pouring 200-250 liters of water under the seedling). Frost resistance -22 degrees. Increased resistance to mildew/oidium.
In 2022, I was pleased with a huge load and an abnormally early ripening period (it was ready before Arcadia). The berries are calibrated, one to one, weighing 20 g or more. Pollination is even. Crack is completely absent. It looked impressive and took a high price in the market.

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