No. 14

Name: Dozen x Anyuta
Author: Panchenko R. R.
Ripening time: medium-late
Bunch weight: 700-1000 g
Berry weight: 14-18 g
Taste: muscat
Frost resistance: -23-24
Seedling price: not for sale
Handle price: not for sale

The form of the middle-late period of maturation. Pleased with a rich, not darkening red color. Productivity is high (2 brushes per shoot). Clusters are large, well built, weighing up to 1 kg. The berry is very large, separate for 20 g. The flesh is fleshy with a pleasant nutmeg taste. On the seedling, it withstood all the rains without cracked berries. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take pictures. The photo shows the last pinched bunches.

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